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C-POLAR™ is a versatile technology, with potential applications across a wide variety of industries


implantable devices
medical devices
PERSONAL protective wear (PPW™)
ward application
water treatment
wouNd care

C-POLAR™ material is being used to strengthen air filters and purifiers.

As a solutions company, we provide certified manufacturers of commercial filters and purifiers with coated C-POLAR™ material and technical assistance. These manufacturers then go on to manufacture filters and purifiers protected by C-POLAR™ .

Filters protected by C-POLAR™ have received a barrier exemption from the US Environmental Protection Agency, and are compliant with the UL 900 standard.

Filters protected by C-POLAR™ are manufactured to the highest quality in certified facilities that are compliant with the UL 900, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Global Recycled Standards.

Face Masks

C-POLAR™ material is being used to improve and fortify face masks.

Using C-POLAR™ material, we have developed face masks protected by C-POLAR™. These masks provide users with revolutionary protection against viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, and pollens.

In the United Kingdom, we worked with QE Facilities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to manufacture FFP3 antiviral masks for NHS frontline workers.

Personal Protective Wear (PPW™)

C-POLAR™ material is being used to augment personal protective wear (PPW™).

C-POLAR™ material is being used to manufacture PPW™ such as lab coats, hospital gowns, and uniforms.

Testing from Hong Kong Metropolitan University demonstrated that even after 60 washes, C-POLAR™ material retained an antibacterial efficiency of up to 99.99%, making it ideal for long-term wearability and protection.

Other Products

Innovation is at the core of our corporate identity.

Our research and development team is relentlessly focused on incorporating C-POLAR™ within other products and materials. This includes enhancing products such as medical devices, diapers, curtains, bedsheets, and towels. It also includes experimenting with materials such as nano-nonwoven and silicone.

Contact us if you are interested in working together and setting the new standard for health and safety.

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From hospitals to real estate developers, hotels to schools, join the growing number of clients protected by C-POLAR.