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C-POLAR™ is a versatile technology, with potential applications across a wide variety of industries


implantable devices
medical devices
PERSONAL protective wear (PPW™)
ward application
water treatment
wouNd care

C-POLAR™ material is being used to improve air filters and purifiers.

As a solutions company, we provide certified manufacturers of commercial filters and purifiers with coated C-POLAR™ material and technical assistance. These manufacturers then go on to manufacture C-POLAR™ enhanced air filters and purifiers.

C-POLAR™ filters have received a barrier exemption from the US Environmental Protection Agency, and are compliant with the UL 900 standard and the RoHS Directive.

Our filters are manufactured to the highest quality in facilities that are compliant with the UL 900, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Global Recycled Standards.

Face Masks

C-POLAR™ material is being used to improve and fortify face masks.

Using C-POLAR™ material, we have developed two premium face masks, the CP 99 and the CP 99 Pro. These masks provide enhanced protection against viruses and pathogens.

In the United Kingdom, we worked with QE Facilities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to manufacture FFP3 antiviral masks for NHS frontline workers.

Personal Protective Wear (PPW™)

C-POLAR™ material is being used to augment personal protective wear (PPW™).

C-POLAR™ material can be leveraged to manufacture PPW™ such as lab coats, hospital gowns, and uniforms.

Testing from Hong Kong Metropolitan University demonstrated that even after 60 washes, C-POLAR™ material retained an antibacterial efficiency of up to 99.9999%, making it ideal for long-term wearability and protection.

Other Products

Innovation is at the core of our corporate identity.

Our research and development team is relentlessly focused on incorporating C-POLAR™ within other products and materials. This includes enhancing products such as medical devices, diapers, curtains, bedsheets, and towels. It also includes experimenting with materials such as nano nonwoven and silicone.

Contact us if you are interested in working together and setting the new standard for health and safety.

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From hospitals to real estate developers, hotels to schools, join the growing number of clients protected by C-POLAR.