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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our patent-pending technology, C-POLAR, is applied to materials during the manufacturing process. The application of C-POLARcreates a stable and even positive charge coating across the material surface. 
  • Because pathogens are negatively charged, the positively charged C-POLAR material is able to capture, inactivate, and eradicate the pathogen by tearing apart their protein envelope and membrane. 
  • Studies and commercial installations demonstrate C-POLAR™ treated materials effectively capture, inactivate, and eradicate up to 99.99% of pathogens. 
  • C-POLAR™ has been tested by many reputable international organizations, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, University of British Columbia, Czech Academy of Sciences, University of Minnesota, and Hong Kong Metropolitan University. 
  • Testing focused on C-POLAR™’s antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness against different viruses and pathogens, safety / cytotoxicity, performance when applied in a conventional filter under fast air flow environments, and safety. 

In addition, C-POLAR™ has established a partnership  with the UK National Health Service (NHS) through the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. We have also established a research partnership with the University of British Columbia, with support from Interior Health Canada.


Testing institution


C-POLAR™ material

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

C-POLAR material demonstrates antimicrobial effectiveness of up to 99.9999% effectiveness against S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa after accelerated aging of 64 days at 60 Celsius, equivalent to real-time aging of 2.4 years.

Silicone protected by C-POLAR

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Reduction of >90-99% in nearly all cases of less pathogen sticking to the silicone formulation protected by C-POLAR

C-POLAR™ material

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Eradication of 92% of S. aureus, with similar effects for E. faecalis, Pseudomonas, and E. coli. The input amount was around 100x higher than the amount required by the ISO 20743 standard. 

C-POLAR™ material

Czech Academy of Sciences

C-POLAR material eradicated 99.6% of COVID-19 (98% within 5 minutes). One biological replicate achieved 100% eradication. 

Filters protected by C-POLAR

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Across seven testing sites, filters protected by C-POLAR™ demonstrated strong antimicrobial activity of up to 99.999% with up to 7 months of intensive, commercial use.

Filters protected by C-POLAR

University of Minnesota

Filters protected by C-POLAR™ shows 99.3% viral inactivation of airborne bovine coronavirus in a fast airflow environment.  

Face masks protected by C-POLAR

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

FFP2 and FFP3 face masks protected by C-POLAR™ demonstrate antimicrobial effectiveness of 99.999%. 

Yes, C-POLAR is safe. 

    • C-POLAR™ is created using a non-toxic, non-metallic, polymer that is approved by the FDA, World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organizations.
    • Additional testing from the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Hong Kong Metropolitan University have also demonstrated that C-POLAR treated materials are safe for humans. 
  • C-POLAR is a versatile technology, with numerous addressable markets and potential product applications. To date, we have 30 products commercialized or in development, and have identified over 200 specific applications for C-POLAR
  • Our most market-ready products are air filters (fan coil filters, pleated filters, and bag filters used in HVAC systems), truck cabin filters, replacement air purifier filters (installed in air purifiers), and FFP2 and FFP3 face masks. 
  • An additional 30+ items are currently in development, which include medical personal protective wear (PPW™) (e.g., lab coats, patient gowns), catheters and other medical devices, room furnishings (e.g., hospital curtains, bedding), and water filters. 


“C-POLAR treated material demonstrates the eradication of a wide variety of pathogens. The utilization of C-POLAR is an essential interrupter, breaking the chain of infectious spread, reducing infection in many applications while improving overall health.” 

Dr. Michael K. Mansour


“Our initial partnership [with C-POLAR Technologies] is a great step towards enabling us to use C-POLAR to create safer environments, from ambulances to hospital wards, that are consistently free from pathogens, while providing income back to the public sector”


Andrew Edmunds, 

Director of Innovation


“When we tested C-POLAR at our HQ in Washington DC, the results were astonishing, greatly reducing particulates, eradicating microorganisms and pollen, and providing a far safer environment for our workers.” 

James V. Hart 

President, Metal Trades Department 


“The C-POLAR™ installation was placed in the building that houses me and my executive staff. We are very satisfied [with C-POLAR] and can attest first-hand that the air quality in Building 3030 has improved significantly.” 


Isaac Smith

Assistant Director, Miami-Dade Aviation Department 



(Independent Provider of NHS care)

“The [C-POLAR protected facility] will be the first of a kind, a complete facility that protects our staff and patients from further infection and minimizes the risk of any infection typically caught in healthcare settings.”


Hamdy Ashour

Founder and Managing Director


“We at Grand Hyatt are honored to be one of the first hotels in Hong Kong to install C-POLAR air filter to protect our guests and staff.” 


Tenny Kwok

Director of Engineering 


“JLL’s current building management portfolio [in HK] exceeds over 400 buildings. We will recommend the installation of C-POLAR air filter within them all.” 


C.H. Chung

Head of Property Management & Executive Director 


“We are pleased to be one of the first in Hong Kong to install C-POLAR air filters at our medical hubs. These measures will offer extra protection to our customers, tenants and employees.” 


Helen Lau

Head of Hong Kong Business Operation 


“We are excited to further enhance our protection through using proven technology [such as C-POLAR].” 


Grace Wong

General Manager